Check her record


I am writing this letter telling each of you not to vote for Susan Tellem. The reason is simple, her record. When I led the fight against BHP Billiton LNG Terminal, Susan was silent on the subject. Her husband, Marshall Thompson, found a way to profit from our battle. He worked for BHP Billiton’s public relations company photographing Malibu residents and others at LNG events. This was the single greatest environmental threat in Malibu’s history and Tellem stood silent because her husband was profiting from the whole thing

As far as her claim to have fought against overnight camping, originally she fought for the Coastal Commission’s LCP which made overnight camping a permitted activity. It is hypocritical to now say she changed her mind and is against overnight camping. Her record is not one to be proud of and that is why she does not publicize it.

Andy Stern