Show respect


I couldn’t agree more with your article about the current City Council candidates’ complaints regarding the sitting council’s negative behavior to public speakers at meetings. This also is exhibited by certain commission members at their meetings as well. The fact that council members Barovsky and Stern, the most guilty, tried to blame their behavior in the article on other factors like the Malibu Township Council was laughable. In the current New York Times best seller, “Blink,” rolling of the eyes-a staple at council meetings -is equated to contempt for the one speaking. Just watch what happens when Ryan Embry gets up to speak, for example. There is sighing, rolling of eyes and all matter of rudeness from council and commission members. And he’s not the only one who gets treated this way on a regular basis.

Whether you love or hate his delivery, Ryan has an incredible institutional memory and often brings critical missing information to an issue that’s being discussed. I think what annoys the council most is that Ryan often calls them on something that they want to keep buried. All of the current candidates seem respectful, and based on what I’ve seen so far, have not exhibited rude behavior at meetings. It will be a great improvement no matter who is elected unless, of course, they appoint the guilty parties to commissions.

Susan Tellem