Commission to decide on party politics


The Planning Commission Monday proposed amendments to the city’s temporary permit requirements that some party animals might find a little too strict.

The commission is recommending that the City Council limit residents to two special events per year, when such events include 50 or more guests.

“The impacts are extensive enough that two a year are enough,” said Commissioner Charleen Kabrin.

The commission is also recommending that residents hosting two special events not be permitted to play any music outdoors nor to play amplified music indoors.

Nonresidential facilities, such as churches or synagogues, are permitted four special events per year. That limit would not apply to events that can be accommodated within the facility’s customary assembly area.

The proposed changes to the temporary permit requirements were prompted mainly by the catered events regularly held at the Streisand Center for Conservancy Studies. Ramirez Canyon residents have sought relief from the city to bring the almost weekly events to an end.

“We are looking to you to save our neighborhood because our neighborhood has been totally devastated,” said Ruth White, president of the Ramirez Canyon Homeowners Association.

The commissioners were clearly attempting to tailor the proposed changes to the kinds of events held at the Streisand Center, but the changes may go too far for residents outside of Ramirez Canyon.

But, in the end, the proposed amendments may not help Ramirez Canyon residents. The Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy, sister agency of the Streisand Center, claims that as an arm of the state, it is not subject to local zoning laws. The canyon residents are currently in litigation with the conservancy over that issue.