Letter: Green New Deal

Letter to the Editor

Is it me or has the Democratic Party become a joke? Virginia Democrats are imploding, Kamala Harris wants to kill private health insurance, “Pocahontas” keeps getting busted for impersonating an Indian and “Spartacus” is, well, “Spartacus.” And though Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the Democrat “It” girl, has good intentions, her Green New Deal is absurd. Yet because Democrats insist that all criticism of women and Latinos is sexist and racist, they must act like it’s the Second Coming. Hawaii Rep. Mazie Hirono, who ordered all American men to “shut up,” did kvetch that AOC’s insistence on replacing air travel with trains (and perhaps unicorn-carts) would destroy her state’s tourist industry, but what do millions of families’ livelihoods matter to AOC, who knows the world will die in 12 years anyway?

You see, AOC is “fresh-faced,” so she has a right to be an idiot. Watching Speaker Pelosi—loose dentures and all—painfully dodge questions about AOC’s “deal” is like a “Twilight Zone” [episode] in which an arrogant little boy has the power to doom adults he finds annoying to immediate, horrible death—called the “cornfield.” Democrats are terrified that if they fail to demonstrate adequate enthusiasm for AOC’s nonsense, they’ll immediately be dispatched to the “cornfield” of private citizenship, where they’ll actually have to work for a living! No more pampering themselves with other people’s tax money, lining their pockets from lobbyists, putting their families on the payroll and passing stupid laws they don’t have to follow themselves. They thought they just had to block Trump from “draining the swamp,” but now they can be thrown off the public pig-trough by fresh-faced Democrats who should know better! Life can be so cruel.

Trump, on the other hand, has reinvented himself with his State of the Union triumph, so inspiring, even eloquent, that the Dems just can’t claim he’s not “presidential” anymore. What seems to have happened is the Dems’ anti-white racism, contempt for men, hatred for Israel, increasing anti-Semitism and blatant hypocrisy have finally unmasked them as the cynical, arrogant, power-hungry liars they’ve always been. God does have a sense of humor.

Rueben Gordon