Look to future,


not past

Well, they’re at it again. The usual gang of pro-Coastal Commission figures are now targeting Measure M, aided by veteran lobbyist and eco-hit woman Susan Jordan (wife of Coastal Commissioner Pedro Nava). The names are familiar-Marcia Hanscom, Robert van de Hoek, Steve Uhring and Ozzie Silna among others-but the organizations keep changing. We’ve already had the Wetlands Action Network, the Malibu Coastal Land Conservancy, Access for All, and the clandestine Taxpayers for a Livable Community. Now they’ve formed the positive-sounding “Malibu CAN,” though their ultimate goal remains the same:to return Malibu to a state of pre-Colombian, primordial ooze.

To hear them tell it, Measure M will blanket the Santa Monica Mountains with skyscrapers, quintuple traffic on PCH and possibly even restore Saddam Hussein to power. In truth, they have only one fear – that Measure M will permanently end their dreams of converting all of downtown Malibu into a mosquito-infested swamp.

According to experts, the original civic center wetland was formed in the Paleozoic era (long before there was a civic center), probably frequented by all manner of giant animals. Today, however, Malibu’s rich network of ecosystems appears to be functioning just peachy without the presence of giant anythings, be they snails, sloths or a prehistoric marsh. In the meantime, these pro-swamp folks would have Malibuites believe that a fenced-off viral nursery in their midst is preferable to a central park that residents can actually use. No surprise, really, since many of those pushing this deluded fantasy, like Silna, Jordan and the Sierra Club’s Mark Massara don’t even live here.

On November 4, Malibuites will have a choice. They can cave in to the misinformed rantings of ecological ideologues or they can reward our hard-working city council and staff for negotiating a remarkable deal that will secure, once and for all, the town center Malibu has always deserved.

Wade Major