Malibu Seen

Mehdi Eftekari joins Lula Halfacre and Alan Klein for a glittering celebration in Malibu. Photo by Photo by Erik Neldner


They’re baaack! The familiar faces who made “Beverly Hills 90210” a cultural phenomena have hit the airwaves once again in a reincarnated version of the primetime soap called “90210.” To mark the occasion, Brenda Walsh and her buds came out to party. But instead of a Bev Hills bash on Rodeo Drive, the gang pitched their tent along PCH.

Cast members Shannen Doherty and Jennie Garth rocked the red carpet, but ditched their sky-high stilettos to take a more comfortable barefoot stroll on the beach. Joe E. Tata, who kept his feet firmly on the ground, was also in attendance. He celebrated the return of his role as Nate, the longtime owner of the fictitious Peach Pit café. Since only Dick Clark can be a teenager forever, there were several new faces in the crowd. Tristan Wilds appears as 90210 transplant Dixon Wilson while Dustin Milligan plays the part of popular jock Ethan Ward.

The surroundings were spectacular and couldn’t have been better suited for this crowd of Beverly Hills boys and babes and their beautiful BFFs. The large outdoor tent was done up in dramatic black and white, complete with crystal chandeliers and sleek modular furniture. To give the place a more beachy feel, white and green cabanas were set up at strategic points to better enjoy the view. Enormous LED lights glowed in the distance. With oversized 90210 numbers in hot pink, aqua and purple, this sandy soiree was hard to miss. There were enough tasty treats to please even the pickiest teenage appetite. The super-sized spread featured a mashed potato bar, a turkey and pastrami carving station, an Asian noodle bar as well as dessert shooters and gourmet cupcakes. The revamped 90210 series delivered record numbers for network execs over at the struggling CW who couldn’t be happier that this school is back in session.


When you come across a pack of paparazzi and a red carpet at the Malibu Country Mart, you can be sure that a dazzling ‘do is about to unfold. That was just the case as Lula Halfacre hosted a brilliant coming-out party. The high-end jeweler who took over the old Crush Boutique next to Nobu is just the latest player to take a shine to Malibu. To celebrate her arrival, she broke out the bubbly and passed around marvelous morsels like truffled mushroom pizza. But even the champagne couldn’t out-sparkle the dazzling array of bangles, bobbles and diamond-encrusted watches. From Cartier to Rolex, Corum to Harry Winston, she had enough nice ice to make P. Diddy weep with envy.

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