Photos: Cutting the Ribbon on an Improved Park

With the help of children from Sycamore School, Malibu Mayor Laura Rosenthal cuts the ribbon to the newly opened public restrooms at the City of Malibu’s Las Flores Creek Park.

On Tuesday, Jan. 26, the City of Malibu hosted a ribbon-cutting ceremony, celebrating the completion of an improvement project at Las Flores Creek Park. Two improvements were celebrated: the completion of new restrooms at the park and a pedestrian bridge that connects Las Flores Canyon Road with Rambla Pacifico Street.

“It’s a very happy occasion any time you can commission a new park,” Public Works Commissioner Paul Grisanti said at the ceremony. He then joked, “Hopefully we can get the next park done in less than 15 years.”

Students and staff from Sycamore School, located just up the street from the park on Las Flores Canyon Road, attended the ceremony and helped Mayor Laura Rosenthal cut the ribbon.

Christy Durham, who is part of the leadership team at the school, shared the school plans on using the park to study native plants.

“We hope to be able to utilize the park to enhance our curriculum,” Durham said. She also said that many of the students visit the park after school and use the close location as a place for play dates.

One Malibu mom, Ginger Che, shared that she’s “really excited” that a restroom opened at the park, which is located near her home.