Letter: All American

Letter to the Editor

I feel fortunate and blessed to be a Pepperdine University alumnus. It is the most beautiful campus in America and I learned so much from my exceptional professors who inspired and motivated me. 

I have always been passionate about volleyball since I began playing the sport as a young girl growing up on the island of St. Croix in the Caribbean. Pepperdine’s Men’s Volleyball team has an upcoming game against No. 3 ranked UC Irvine on March 14. I recently learned that students at UC Irvine have voted for a more “inclusive space” by banning the American flag on areas of their campus through Resolution Bill R50-70. 

The ASUCI (Associate Students UC Irvine) President Reza Zomorrodian has openly opposed the majority vote of that drafted bill to remove the American flag from their campus lobby. The problem I notice is that young people have no true respect or appreciation for the American flag and what it symbolizes. My father served in the Army and was drafted when the Vietnam War began. My cousin served in the Marines and was deployed to Afghanistan twice. I have a nephew currently serving in the Air Force. Those who fought and died serving our country valiantly held the American flag high upholding its principles of freedom, liberty and justice. 

When I look at the American flag, I think of those courageous patriots who fought to gain this nation’s independence 250 years ago when members of the American colonial society rejected the authority of the British Parliament to tax them. Our American flag has been a universal symbol of freedom, equality, liberty and justice. Every American should be proud of our nation’s flag and what it represents. I urge and encourage all Pepperdine students and Malibu residents attending the March 14 game to bring American flags and wave them proudly in the stands at Firestone Fieldhouse to show their solidarity and support of retaining our nation’s American flag on all UC and other college campuses across America.

Ruperta Rodriguez Kaihau