Unnatural selection

Without a whimper, on Tuesday last, our august City Council sat back as Councilwoman Van Horn brazenly announced that her choice for representation on the committee to select a new city attorney was Gilbert Segel. If you recall, Gilbert Segel has been under investigation by our prior city attorney and the FPPC for “educational” ads his group (Malibu Citizens for Less Traffic on Pacific Coast Highway) sponsored in the last Malibu election. Some thought the ads were grossly “political.” The city attorney and FPPC investigated and a lawsuit has been filed. Apparently, without benefit of the courts, the eminent Councilwoman Van Horn has decided that Mr. Segel has done no wrong. Or perhaps, an attorney selected by Mr. Segel will have a more expansive view of proper matter for educational advertising.

I call on Councilwoman Van Horn to withdraw her nomination while a cloud of impropriety hangs on her nominee’s head. Alternately, Mr. Segel could refuse to accept the committee assignment.

C.W. Carson

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