Sirens: Malibu Crime Report Jun. 6 – Dec. 7

Crime Report

The following incidents were reported between 7/28 — 12/7:


Backpack burglary

A backpack was stolen from an unlocked car parked on Trancas Canyon Boulevard 


Petty party

An iPhone was stolen from a party held on Dume Drive, and was later pinged at an address in Santa Monica

Package pinched

A package containing a beauty product ordered from Ebay was stolen from outside a home on Villa Costera


Phone pilfered

An iPhone was taken from a picnic table off Pacific Coast Highway


Gear gone

Motorcycle gloves, a jacket and gear were stolen from a bike parked outside a Civic Center restaurant


Jet ski junked

Miscellaneous engine parts from a jet ski were stolen from beneath a residence on PCH, at some point between 6/1 — 9/30 


Trash taken

Garbage bins were stolen from outside a home on Piedra Chica — victims claimed neighbors also had bins go missing 


Vehicle vandalism

An unknown substance was put in the gas tank of a Toyota Prius parked at Broadbeach Road and PCH, rendering the car unable to be driven.  


Gas cap cracked

The gas cap and gas cap doors of two vehicles parked on PCH were vandalized 


Retail folly

Damage was done to a clothing retailer in the Civic Center when would-be burglars scraped a hammer on the window of a store, but were unsuccessful in their break-in attempt

Laptop larceny

A MacBook Pro, iPad retina, Northface backpack, Tiffany’s wedding ring and electric sunglasses were stolen from a vehicle parked on Wakecrest Drive. Damage to the vehicle plus the missing items totaled $8,900 in damages

Kit caught

An emergency roadside kit was stolen from a vehicle parked on Surfwood Place, after the vehicle’s window was shattered


Patio party

A bolt worth $10 was cut to gain entry to the outdoor patio of a private residence on Encinal Canyon Road. There was evidence a party was held at the house, including marijuana paraphernalia left behind, but nothing was stolen from the property


Beach bummer

Two children’s backpacks were stolen after a window was smashed in a car parked at Nicholas State Beach