Letter: Suspect Motives

Letter to the Editor

The park service managing the state beach at Malibu Lagoon has a parking enforcement policy that is possibly corrupt. In the spring of 2015, I went to the Malibu Lagoon State Beach for the first time. I arrived late in the afternoon and spent many hours walking around the beach and lagoon and taking pictures.  

I took a break to rest on the way back to my car because of a migraine headache. As a result, I got back to my car after dark and saw a ticket on my car. As I drove out of the parking lot, a park service vehicle came in from the opposite direction. I pulled over and flagged down the driver to ask about the ticket. The ranger said the beach was closed after sunset, and I responded that I was late getting back because of a migraine headache, had no idea what time it would get dark and have never heard of a parking lot being closed shortly after sunset. The ranger did not believe I had a headache and refused to void the ticket.

Later that week, I contacted the head of the parks department to discuss the ticket. He said I could contest the ticket by writing a letter and taking photos of the area. I also had to include a check for $96.50 and they would not cash the check if the ticket was cancelled. Many months after doing this, I received a letter in December 2015 stating that they would not cancel the ticket and I would have to show up at a civil courthouse to contest in person. After writing a lengthy letter and taking photos, what else can be said? 

They are very suspect in their motives. There are no signs posted with parking lot hours. The parking lot is a long walk from the beach. The only visible sign is a sign located in the bushes near the entrance that says the beach hours are 8 a.m. through sunset. Many beaches down the coast do not close the parking lots at sunset.

Mark Connelly