Planetary themes for the month of May


The month of May starts out with the Sun, Mercur y, Venus, and Mars all in the sign of Taurus. This brings a strong focus on money matters, security issues, and the finer things in life. On Thursday, May 9, another Solar Eclipse occurs as Venus changes signs and enters Gemini. This can bring some indecision in regards to money or investments and love matters. Things are probably not as they appear to be from May 11 – May 18. Take off the rose colored glasses. On May 20, Uranus in Aries squares Pluto in Capricorn. This is the third of seven “squares” for this planetary pair through the year 2015. In the mundane world, this planetary cycle was last in play during the Great Depression in the ’30s. The economic system is still broken and unlimited money printing won’t fix it. Expect much higher inflation between now and the year 2015. In your personal life, this is a cycle that brings some radical changes.

The areas of change in your life will show up in the houses Uranus and Pluto are transiting in your own birth chart based on your date, exact time, and place of birth. Unexpected situations may erupt that motivate you to move in a new direction and let go of the old ways of doing things during the week of May 20. On May 24, another lunar eclipse occurs, so try not to become a lunatic and make hasty decisions! Some new opportunities may come knocking at your door during the weekend of the 25th through the end of May as Mercury and Venus conjunct the great benefic planet, Jupiter, in the sign of Gemini.


You have the strength and determination to finish projects and achieve more of your financial goals. You can also become too set in your ways until May 9. The rebel in you may come out strongly around the week of May 20. Avoid confrontations with authority figures or parents. A short trip may be the medicine you need.


The focus is on you and satisfying your wants and needs. Try to compromise and find more balance in your relations with others. Is there something stirring underneath the surface? You may be suppressing some anger. This may begin to erupt during the week of the 20th. Try to let out some of that steam before then. Some changes in your belief system may be in store.


This is a good month for selfintrospection and spending more time alone connecting with nature. On May 9, Venus enters your sign until June 2. This will increase your personal magnetism and receptivity to love and more abundance in your life! Some sudden changes with your friends or in your social life may create a little havoc during the week of the 20th, but things will smooth over during the last week of the month.


Get out and shine socially. You will feel more at home with friends. New opportunities can open up for you through networking or group involvements. After May 9, try to spend more time alone reading and satisfying your curiosity. You will learn a lot of new things. During the week of May 20, you may feel the urge to make some changes in your personal relationships or feel like breaking free of responsibilities in your career.


Things may not come as easy this month with finances and reaching your career goals, but be persistent. After May 9, things will get a little easier with a little help from your friends. Some unexpected situations may pop up at work or with your daily routine during the week of the 20th. Keep the peace with your co-workers or employees during this time.


Financial opportunities abound this month. Focus on making improvements in your life, mental expansion, and travel possibilities. Avoid taking on too many projects and scattering your energy in too many directions after the 9th. During the week of the 20th, some unexpected exp nditures or turbulence in your love life but things will smooth over towards the end of the month.


This is a good month to dig deeper into the “unknown.” You can discover things you never knew existed. Over indulgences may lead to tightening your belt financially. The desire to explore, travel, and become more independent get accentuated after the 9th. Some relationship or family issues may come to the surface during the week of the 20th to examine.


The focus is on significant others in your life and personal relationships. This is where you will find your bliss. This will also require making some compromises to keep things in balance. Your “inner detective” and inquisitive nature may get the best of you after the 9th. Try not to ask too many questions! There may be some unexpected work related issues to resolve during the week of the 20th.


This is an ideal month for finishing projects and making some adjustments with your finances and spending habits. After the 9th, there is more of a shift towards love matters, your personal relationships, and the opportunity to meet new people socially. During the week of the 20th, be more cautious with finances and investments, and play it safe.


There are opportunities for more romance or fun in your life this month. Financial gains through investments or speculation is more favorable. After the 9th, avoid taking on too many tasks and becoming disorganized. During the week of the 20th, matters at home can feel unsettling and some family related issues may make you feel like running towards the hills! It will smooth over towards the end of the month.


Some changes in your home life may be needed to help you feel more secure. There may be some financial obstacles to overcome, but through your ingenuity you can find ways. After the 9th, things can begin to flow more easily with love and money matters. During the week of the 20th, you are more receptive to new and original ideas that can help you break through to the other side!


You have a fertile imagination this month. Take advantage of your heightened creativity and make sure to write down your new ideas. After the 9th, eliminate the clutter in your life and get things more organized at home. During the week of the 20th, there can be significant changes with some of your friends or in your social life, and some unexpected financial expenditures.

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