Responsible owners


About the Malibu Township Council that was formed in the late forties by Reeves Templeton and John Merrick, early activists. They thought it would be a good idea to have a representative from each homeowners association to be a part of the Malibu Township Council. There was no Malibu city; we were in Los Angeles County. Now it is an organization with a few members that oppose the City Council and runs a candidate in the City Council elections.

I think we have a good council. They are all hard workers who get along with each other. They have accomplished great programs for the city: Bluffs Park, Legacy Park, trying to solving programs with the pollution in Malibu Creek, establishing a Malibu Library which will have the Malibu Museum. The Malibu Historical Society has many artifacts, pictures and books that will be there. The society was very active until the Adamson House was opened. We cannot lose the history that developed in 1929 when the Roosevelt Highway (now PCH) was opened through the Rindge-Adamson Ranch.

About the homeowner’s associations, there are a few like The Colony and Serra Canyon that are on private roads, others in county roads. They were formed by having the people who owned property in their area. According to the California Civil Code, if you live on a private road, you have to contribute to the upkeep of the road and nothing else. The association in Serra is a voluntary organization formed by about 20 homeowners in the fifties. There are now 110 properties. This year the dues are $4,300 for gates, signs, gate guards, cameras, and anything they can think of with no limit on the money they can spend.

The people who have mansions have their own gates and fences; they are so afraid that someone will steal from them. The new members go to the meetings but want everyone to pay for their security. The biggest program is that if you don’t have a gate and fences, the deer come in and eat all the flowers and bushes.

Check your homeowners association, if you have one. See if it is incorporated. If not, you are not responsible for dues, except for the maintenance of private roads.

Jane Sullivan Hemenez