Someplace special


As the parents of two special needs children, we have truly appreciated the Trancas Nursery and the programs they have been providing for the special needs community in Malibu. Our daughter Kristina has been going to the Trancas Nursery weekly for approximately five years with the rest of her special needs classmates. These trips are one of the highlights of her week, and one of the few opportunities she has to get hands-on exposure to the plants and animals there. In fact, for approximately the past eight months Kristina has actually been working at the Garden Center and she loves it. She feeds the chickens, gathers eggs and helps plant the vegetables.

There are very few businesses in Malibu that have taken such a direct interest in helping the special needs community. It breaks our hearts to think not only that Kristina may be unable to continue working there, but that countless other special needs children in Malibu will not get the opportunity to share the experiences that have enriched our daughter’s life.

Linda and Toy Ellrod