Letter: Embrace Change

Letter to the Editor

Change is knocking on our door. I heard, Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. I hope we take to heart all that is happening now. That we understand our part in creating what has happened. That we marvel at the wonderful wet spring coming our way. And the clean air. 

I hope we reconsider how we will continue to live on this planet. I hope we put the health of the Earth first. However and whatever that means to you. As long as I breathe air, eat food and drink water, I need clean resources. As we participate in assisting the Earth to clean, we will become healthier. The Earth can only sustain us to the degree that She has not been polluted and poisoned. 

As we consider how often we will climb back into our cars, dirtying our air, perhaps we can imagine better possibilities for our future. Perhaps we can imagine healthier ways of subsisting, without chemically enhanced food grown on poisoned soil. Perhaps we can find ways to assist our waterways and oceans, to replenish them and the life in them. If we change our minds and hearts, our actions will change. Our outcomes will change. Why wait?

Ann Buxie