Sirens: Malibu Crime Report 7.30 – 8.11

Crime Report

The following incidents were reported between 7/30 – 8/11:


Burglary on PCH

A Chevy Suburban parked on Pacific Coast Highway was broken into while the victims were dining at a restaurant nearby. The right passenger window was broken and the victim’s wife’s purses were missing. 


Stolen guitar

Deputies responded to a burglary at a guitar/repair business on Pacific Coast Highway. A blue electric guitar worth $3,000 was stolen while the victim was on lunch. The victim said he made sure to lock the doors before going to lunch. There was no indication of forced entry to the front door or windows of the location.


Shattered glass

A vehicle was burglarized at a restaurant on Pacific Coast Highway. The victim said she parked her Nissan rental car on the north side of PCH and walked to the restaurant with her husband. After dinner, they noticed the shattered glass inside and around the vehicle. The victim said there were no valuables inside the vehicle.


Cracked window 

A front passenger window was cracked while the victim was hiking Corral Canyon in Malibu. The victim told deputies she thinks they used a tool to crack her window and attempt to break it. The window repair cost $300.

Burglary x2

A designer bag and wallet worth $650 was stolen from a vehicle on Corral Canyon. Deputies responded to a call regarding a shattered window while the victim was hiking. The victim placed her bag behind the driver seat thinking it wasn’t visible.


A galaxy far away

Deputies responded to a petty theft report call at a grocery story on Pacific Coast Highway. A Samsung Galaxy Note 8 worth $800 was stolen from a table.



A black Chanel designer purse worth $8,000 was stolen from a white BMW parked on Pacific Coast Highway. The victim noticed the shattered glass around and inside her vehicle and said the purse she hid behind the rear passenger seat was gone.

Cheaper by the dozen

A dozen flowers were stolen from a flower shop on Topanga Canyon Boulevard. The victim said when she returned to work the following day, there were pry marks on the front doors to the business. The cost of the flowers was worth $30. The victim said the suspect could have entered through the rear entry of the business where the lock wasn’t secure. 


Vehicle theft

An Apple iPhone XR, a driver›s license and $100 were stolen from a silver Mercedes Benz parked on Pacific Coast Highway near Topanga Beach. The victim placed his key under the rear bumper of his vehicle before going surfing and, upon his return, his keys were missing and his phone was gone.