Guest Column: Santa Ana Wind Season

Santa Ana winds

Remember those strong winds we experienced last week? Fortunately, we dodged the bullet and we had no significant fires. But Santa Ana winds are forecasted for the end of this week. And those winds we recently had? Those blew a lot of leaves, needles, twigs and debris on your rooftops and gutters and need to be cleared now.

  • Remove dead and overhanging branches.
  • Remove any branches within 10 feet of chimney vents.
  • Clean all dead leaves and needles from roof and gutters.
  • Install a roof that meets the fire resistance classification of Class C or better.
  • Stack woodpiles at least 30 feet from all structures, fences and other combustible material.
  • Keep lawn chairs, umbrellas and other canvas furniture a safe distance from structures
  • Clear all vegetation and other combustible or flammable materials from beneath deck area.
  • Refrain from dumping lawn clippings in canyons.
  • Identify at least two exit routes from your neighborhood.
  • Make sure street names and house numbers are clearly visible.
  • Designate an emergency meeting place outside your neighborhood.
  • Immediately evacuate the area when ordered by police or fire personnel.
  • Contact your local fire department for additional information.