A Worthy subject


    After reading your article about Rev. Dave Worth [“Worth talking about,” June 10], I decided I had to respond. You see, I am the woman you spoke of who he baptized as a baby, and later had the honor of him performing my wedding. Born the same year he began preaching in Malibu, I have been blessed to have him in my life a long time. Even after moving to Long Beach my husband and I have made the drive to Malibu Presbyterian Church many times.

    On his last Sunday in Malibu, Dave baptized our 6-month-old daughter. Only a week prior we discussed how sorry we were that we hadn’t found the time to have her baptized before he finished his work in Malibu. “No problem,” he said, “for you I’ll do anything.” Needless to say, he altered his already full Sunday to perform the special ceremony.

    Dave Worth will be missed in more ways than one. He has always gone the extra mile for anyone who needs him. Truly a man of God, this pastor has given his heart to Malibu. He and his wife, Nancy, are in my prayers.

    Allison Lee McKellar