Letter: Vote of Confidence

Letter to the Editor

I was surprised and saddened to read that Kraig Hill is no longer on the Malibu Planning Commission, an appointee of Malibu Council Member Mikke Pierson. I have enormous respect for all the planning commissioners and city council members, and appreciate all they do to benefit our community. In fact, our daughter is friends with Council Member Mikke Pierson and his family, and she always tells us only the most wonderful things about them.

I had the opportunity to present to the planning commission twice last year on behalf of my neighbors and myself. As part of preparing for my presentations, I spoke by telephone with Commissioner Kraig Hill. He was highly professional and provided excellent guidance to our situation. Commissioner Hill’s care to our neighborhood and attention to detail was particularly impressive. His legal background is definitely an asset.

From my knowledge and experience, former commissioner Hill and Council Member Pierson are great men and I hope to see former commissioner Hill back soon helping our community in some meaningful capacity.

Jim Moore