Prevention best


For the past several years, residents of the Trancas Highlands area (above Broad Beach) have been working to bring municipal water into our neighborhood. If approved, we will fund the water main extension, pump station and storage tank entirely at our own expense.

This system would greatly benefit the western end of Malibu by providing the additional water capacity our local firefighters so desperately need. Our neighborhood has been very fortunate not to have suffered the same catastrophic losses experienced by other areas of the community. Hopefully, our proposed water tank will help keep it that way.

As for the rest of the community, we strongly encourage everyone to learn more about and get involved with the Coalition for Fire Safe Communities. By building other additional storage tanks in critical locations in the hills above Malibu, we’d have a much better shot at preventing wildfires from spreading well before they reach populated areas. The county and state could easily do this for a fraction of the amount spent each year fighting local wildfires. In the process, they could also help save countless lives and homes.

Scott Tallal