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In the wake of the Woolsey Fire, if you need expertise in appraising your fine art that suffered a total or partial loss (or even smoke damage), Kathy Poppers of Kathy Poppers Fine Art Appraisals is an insurance and tax loss expert ready to help. With more than 40 years’ experience specializing in paintings, sculptures, works on paper and outdoor monuments, Poppers is a second-generation art appraiser whose father worked for a who’s-who of art collectors and even appraised historic items recovered from the Titanic.

Poppers specializes in appraisals of fine art for tax and insurance purposes, “so you’re compensated properly based on your insurance coverage.” 

 “Losses from uninsured art are often tax deductible, too,” Poppers said. “It’s important to have an appraiser to discern what the value is of your damaged art so that you can write it off and have the proper documentation for the IRS.”

For those who did not suffer losses, this is an excellent time to have your fine art appraised in case of any future disaster. “A full appraisal is important,” she explained. “It’s like having a will, if you have valuable fine art.”

It is important to have a qualified appraiser come to your home to value your property before loss or damage to be sure your insurance is adequate to the value of your art. Please call Kathy Poppers to protect you with your fine art needs.

Kathy Poppers Expert Art Appraisals can be reached at 800.900.1177 or


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