Don’t ask!


    I had a chat with a friend whom I met

    Who had just returned from a trip to Tibet

    In a world beset with hunger and strife

    He set out in search of the meaning of life

    It was a perilous journey

    Filled with hazards and trauma

    ’til he finally found

    The much acclaimed Lama.

    The old monk, surprised, said it must be fate

    He’d been thinking of America, to relocate

    My friend asked the question ,

    He could no longer wait.

    The old man seemed to hesitate.

    “As simplistic,” said the monk, as it may seem,

    Life is like a mountain stream

    It starts at the top, then I’m sorry to say,

    That it’s downhill all the rest of the way.”

    My friend, dejected, couldn’t hide his dismay .

    “If you’re plan is to move, forget about L. A.!”

    Geraldine Forer Spagnoli