An item was added on Friday to Monday’s City Council agenda regarding the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy’s (SMMC) parks modification plan. Known as the Malibu Parks Public Access Enhancement Plan, the project calls for 54 overnight camping sites at Bluffs Park (35), Corral Canyon (17) and Ramirez Canyon (2) among other features.

The plan was approved last month by the boards of the SMMC and its sister organization the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority (MRCA). A city staff report recommends the council direct staff to write a letter to the Coastal Commission opposing the project on various grounds, including several legal technicalities.

Some of the major features of the plan include:

Ramirez Canyon

2 overnight camping sites (they can only be built after the construction of a secondary access road from Kanan Dume Road; there is a dispute between SMMC officials and residents on where that road should be located), maximum of 16 large events (up to 200 people) per year at the SMMC property (after road is built), 7 day-use picnic areas (an additional 6 after road is built), 54 parking spaces (48 more after road is built), 14 additional spaces along Kanan, retrofitting of two buildings for use as a last-resort fire shelter, a trail connecting Kanan to Ramirez Canyon Park, trail connecting Ramirez Park to the proposed Coastal Slope Trail

Corral Canyon Park

1 day-use picnic area, 17 overnight camping sites with a double restroom and two fire shelters, a permanent structure for the camp host and/or park administration/employee with a restroom

Bluffs Park

35 overnight camping sites (on the SMMC portion, not where the ball fields are), 40 parking spaces, two new permanent structures, three optional fire shelters, two-stall restroom on Malibu Road

Escondido Canyon Park

Trail improvements to connect the proposed Coastal Slope Trail from Murphy Way to Latigo Trailhead.

Latigo Trailhead

Four day-use picnic areas, a restroom on the knoll, a small parking area consisting of four spaces on a lower portion of the property, an accessible trail connecting the small parking area to the restroom and upper day-use areas