Five Weeks in Italy

We went to Turin and saw the shroud

At the festa in Gubbio

Got crushed by the crowd

We found the Pope to be witty and charming

Italian drivers were very alarming!

In Florence we met cousins from Avellino


Nino, Pino and Modestino

They said life goes sideways both “up ana down”

We knew what they meant when they drove us around

With Pacino’s words we made a big hit

When we taught them to say “Fogedabowdit.”

It poured on Lake Como so we watched the Black Stallion

Didn’t know that Liz Taylor could speak in Italian

Assi, Padua and Rimini were great

I overdosed on the pasta I ate

Now I dream of Tuscany, the forests and fiori

And the castle we stayed in at Lago Maggiori

The Aosta valley and Mont Blanc were swello,

The pizza delizioso and Italy tutto bello!

Geraldine Forer Spagnoli

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