Break-in causes heartbreak


    Safe in Malibu? I write this with a broken heart. Last week I discovered I was burglarized. I thought I was safe in Malibu. My wedding rings and diamond hoop earrings and necklace were taken. Given to me by my late husband. His diamond wedding ring, pinky ring and gold watches were also stolen. Dang! I wish I’d bought that insurance, but these items meant so much more to me than gold. I thought we were safe, but who knew?

    My teenage daughter is now my family. She’s a precocious, sassy sprite. My everything. Her father died three years, eight months and 16 days ago. It’s hard raising a teenager on my own, but thankfully we get to live in Malibu. I thought we’d be safe.

    Now, break-ins have occurred in our home through my daughter’s bedroom window and all my precious jewelry is gone. Her daddy’s wedding ring that I wanted to give to her on her wedding day. He’s not here to guide her but at least we had our heirlooms. My Erte pins and more are gone. Given to me by my loving husband who is no longer here to support and protect us. I planned to give her my Erte pin upon her graduation. I thought we were safe, who knew?

    So if you know someone who knows someone who may have my possessions, please ask them to return them. (Anonymously is fine.) I have no axe to grind, no charges to press, in my heart they are forgiven. I only want what is rightfully mine so that I can go on living, doing my best to be a good mother pretending that we are safe in Malibu. Any help in getting our items back would be greatly appreciated.

    Debra Pommer-Siegel