Malibu Student Helps Bloom Introduce Orca Whale Act

Bloom and Kotler in Sacramento

Assemblymember Richard Bloom, with the help of Malibu fifth-grader Kirra Kotler, introduced an act into the California State Assembly this week that would end Orca whale captivity for performance or entertainment in California.

Kotler, who came to the public spotlight in December when she and her parents led the protest against Point Dume Elementary’s annual SeaWorld field trip¬†after watching the controversial “Blackfish” documentary, travelled to Sacramento this week with Bloom and her family to present a petition in support of the act on Monday, April 8.

The Orca Welfare and Safety Act, presented to Assemblyman Anthony Rendon, Chair of the Assembly Water, Parks and Wildlife Committee, contained 1.2 million signatures from supporters all over California.

In addition to presenting the act, the Kotler family testified to the State Assembly in support of the legislation.