Planetary Themes for the Month of November

T.S. Phillips, A.A.S., Inc.


Work, responsibilities and the pursuit of goals are the main themes until the 8th. After the 8th, you are ready to break free and move in new directions. There is more of an interest in social media, group involvements or new technologies. You can meet some unusual types of people and make new friends if you interact socially. 


The pursuit of more independence and new adventures is the theme until the 11th. After the 11th, life can take on a more serious tone. Personal goals, accomplishments in the material realm and money matters take on more importance. You are prone to excess. Try to stay balanced and practice moderation.



You can be very passionate about your work and getting things done through the 11th. Your sensitive and emotional side can also come out strongly. After the 11th, it’s time to let go of some things from the past and move in some new directions. Set some new goals that may also include travel or expanding your knowledge. 


You are in favorable cycle for connecting with your deeper feelings and needs through the 21st. After the 8th, think about exploring the unknown and seeking answers. Finances take on more importance. Be willing to ask for support if needed from friends. After the 11th, personal relationships and your love life heat up.


Family and domestic matters are highlighted through the 21st.  You are meant to move into the emotional realm even if it feels a little uncomfortable. This can deepen your connection with family members and your own personal needs. After the 21st, you are ready to explore new areas, experiences and let your wings soar.


Your inner detective can be working overtime through the 12th. You can solve many puzzles and find solutions to problems. This is also a good period for communicating your feelings to others. Sibling relationships can take on more importance. After the 12th, family and domestic matters may require more from you.


Your enthusiasm and exuberance can take your far through the 11th. This is also a good period for travel, expanding your knowledge and spending more time outdoors. After 11th, your life can take a more serious tone in terms of your career and ambitions. Taking action in the direction of your goals can yield good results.


You are in a strong position for communicating well and connecting with others through the 12th.  After the 9th, you are probably ready to take some risks and pursue new opportunities. This may involve the use of new technologies. You can have more interest in social interactions or reaching out to larger groups of people.


The tide continues to flow your way through the 12th for love matters, and attracting money or new opportunities. After the 12th, you can get more serious about finances and business goals. Be more cautious with the handling of money and avoid taking risks. After the 9th, your mind is full of new and innovative ideas.


You continue to be in a strong cycle for accomplishing your goals in business or work related matters through the 8th. After the 8th, think of different ways of increasing earnings through new innovations or ideas. On the 12th, Venus enters your sign until Dec. 7th. You can attract more love and abundance into your life.


You move into your own element on the 8th. You can more freely express your own original and unique ideas with others. More activity is likely involving groups, social events or causes, or interacting with friends. Your independence becomes more important. Be willing to move in some new directions and take some risks. 


Networking with others through the 8th can open new doors for you through to influential people. After the 8th, some more alone time and working behind the scenes can help you get more balanced. The expansion of your knowledge or education is highlighted through the 21st. Your perception can shift in favorable ways.