Coastal commission postpones consideration of Local Coastal Plan grant


The California Coastal Commission last week postponed the city of Malibu’s application for funds to complete its Local Coastal Plan, officials said.

In other developments, commissioners approved Pepperdine University’s application for relocation of a wastewater station and improvements to certain playing fields; Carden Malibu Preschool requested a continuance of its application to rebuild and place a temporary classroom trailer on its Las Flores Canyon site.

The LCP grant was postponed until commissioners reviewed the city’s work product, which was delivered only last week, the first day of deliberations, said commission Vice Chair and Malibu resident Sara Wan.

According to city Planning Director Craig Ewing, the commission staff needed time to review the city’s issue papers before it would consider the application for the $42,690 grant. Although he was disappointed with the commission’s action, Ewing expressed appreciation for the potential grant. “It’s not a big deal,” said Ewing, referring to the delay. “It’s nice to get the support.”

Pepperdine’s improvements were consistent with its Long Range Development Plan approved in 1990 and therefore could not be denied, the commission said. The university plans to move a wastewater flow equalization station from a Banowsky Boulevard-adjacent to a John Tyler Drive-adjacent underground site, install a scoreboard on its soccer field/running track and level out the Alumni Park playing field.

The Carden school application was postponed to give the commission more information from licensed consultants, said Alan Armstrong, son of the school’s founders. The additional information should allay the staff’s concerns about potential floods, fires and mud slides at the Las Flores Canyon site, he noted.