Trouble, trouble at MHS


If you have had, currently have or anticipate having a child, grandchild or other family member enrolled at Malibu High School you should be aware of some vitally important issues.

MHS continues to experience a serious funding deficit. Result: lack of resources and a lower quality education for our kids.

MHS has a severe drug and alcohol problem that affects a large percentage of our kids. Result: ruined lives and low school morale.

Many students and their families are feeling overstressed, overworked and underserved. Result: more kids turned off to learning and unable to get into good colleges and universities.

The MHS campus is closed to parents and communication is forbidden between parents and students at school. Result: parent alienation and low community support for the school.

Often our special needs kids are neglected, ignored and marginalized unless they have a strong advocate willing to file legal action to get services. Result: wasted time and funds on fighting and a continuing problem serving these kids.

MHS caters to an elite group of students and parents, thus failing to provide fair and equitable access to resources and programs. Result: the top percentage excels at the expense of the majority, lessening the overall performance of the school.

Many parents are discouraged to be involved with the school. Result: disenfranchised and alienated parents and community failure to give support.

Attendance at the MHS PTSA and Governance Board meetings continue to be low. Result: parents and the community do not understand the issues and feel powerless.

If you are concerned that we may have a school that fails to be the kind of high school and middle school our community deserves, then I encourage you to contact me directly. I am in the process of organizing other concerned parents to make Malibu High School a Charter School. Charter schools are a proven solution to the types of problems MHS faces. This is faster and easier than creating a separate district. Let’s work together and make MHS a top notch Charter school that serves our community the way it should.

Stephen S. Wolfson


FAX 310.457.8897;