Letter: Spirit of Malibu

Letter to the Editor

I am a single dad and I do most of the shopping for our family. I travel to Whole Foods in Thousand Oaks one to three times per week to get the things I can’t find at Ralphs or PC Greens.

As much as I hate to leave town, I would never support big development just for convenience, but that’s just not the case here. This project is exactly what our area needs — a beautiful park (with actual trees) and playground, a Whole Foods market and a lot of community space. I would be so proud to have this park in our town.

Measure R was about making sure only high-quality, good-for-locals projects get approved. If this project doesn’t embody the spirit and values of Malibu, then nothing does. I will vote “yes” to Measure W.

Leslie Steinmetz