Where’s the Beef? You’ll Find it at Malibu’s Tavern One


Ever since the Golden Age of Hollywood, Lawry’s House of Prime Rib has been a staple for meat eaters in the area.

Even today, you’ll catch busloads of tourists pouring in from every corner of the world as well as loyal locals. 

The smell of perfectly cut prime rib, a saucy au jus, spicy horseradish sauce, a cool touch of sour cream along with creamed spinach and Yorkshire pudding is enough to pique anyone’s tastes.

From Malibu, the practicality–or lack thereof–of traveling into “La La Land” totals in a six-hour excursion at the very least. 

That combination of fantastic flavors was elusive. In a beachside city offering pizza, burgers, sushi, and more pizza, where could such succulent flavors be found? 

Well, the food gods have found them and they’re right here in the Rambla Vista area of Malibu and Pacific Coast Highway at a relatively new joint called Tavern 1 Grill and Tap House. 

Just down the way from Duke’s and located at 21337 PCH, this is the place for old school grub. 

You’ll find a perfectly done prime rib sandwich (thinly sliced is the way to go) topped with melted Monterey jack cheese, grilled peppers and onions served with garlic aioli and homemade au jus. 

With such large portions, patrons will most likely be taking half home for dinner or do a combo split–at $16.95, it’s not a bad deal. It also comes with a massive side (make it a loaded baked potato with butter, chives, sour cream and cheese in all its glory) as well as a gooey, stringy mac and cheese, parmesan french fries, barbecue beans, side Caesar and the list goes on. There’s also a kids’ menu for the little ones and a full bar for older folks. 

For serious carnivores, there’s also rib-eye, tri-tip, brisket, pulled pork, and lemon herb chicken plus the award-winning chili. 

On the veggie side, no need to be left out. Entrees feature a signature chopped salad, beet salad with goat cheese and quinoa lentil salad. 

Owners Tony Crowley and Marco Hernandez kept most of the old Malibu tiles from the Baldi, Lino’s and Terra eateries, which came before them. It makes for a new but somehow familiar look. It’s quiet, which make the meal even more enjoyable. 

Although Malibu can be a tough sell all-around, Tavern is seeing a great summer and is gaining new friends every day.

So dig in and enjoy. Don’t forget the Louisiana style bread pudding with pecans topped with warm bourbon on your way out. YUMMY!