Wants to see the light


    What’s all this cul-de-sac stuff. I pass by the intersection of Civic Center Way and Winter Canyon in the morning five days a week and never see any pedestrians, only SUVs taking kids to the schoolhouse door, which is one-tenth of a mile from the intersection. Any congestion is a traffic issue but hardly a child endangerment issue.

    A traffic light at this intersection would solve the problem without inconveniencing the hundreds of motorists who take this route daily and the light could be timed to operate only when the students are arriving or departing.

    I question the price tag of $125,000 for a traffic light. I’m sure many designs for traffic light systems for this type of T intersection are stored in the Caltrans computers and components are standard mass produced “off the shelf” items. There must be huge markups and wheel greasing charges to get to a number like this. I urge our City Council to do an “in depth” cost justification study before rolling over on this one. Compare the real cost of a light to the cost of a six month study plus the cost of a dual cul-de-sac plus the cost of an environmental impact report and don’t forget all the money derived from the “left hand turn” traffic fines that the city will lose. I think that a light is a far better and more cost effective choice.

    Jack Singleton