Unique Malibu Mansion Listed for $53 Million

WT Chen's Malibu Home

WT Chen’s oceanfront Malibu home is on the market for $53 million, according to its listing by The Agency.

The home, which was designed by Ed Niles in collaboration with Mr. Chen, boasts over 8,000 square feet of aesthetically and architecturally intriguing design and ocean views from both the indoor and outdoor living and dining spaces.

website dedicated to the residence includes a description of the property and its amenities, as well as the purpose behind the design.

The design is meant to focus on outward humility but internal intricacy, to remain inline with Chinese traditions.

Twenty-eight-foot tall ceilings, glass window-walls in the living and dining rooms, and curved windows in the master bedroom allow for a significant amount of natural light to flow through the home.

“The home is inspired by the shoji concept of translucency,” according to the website.

Within the home, there are rooms separated by different geometrically shaped buildings.

“The triangle encompasses the kitchen and family room, the cylinder contains the master bedroom and living room, and the cubes house the other bedrooms” reported the Wall Street Journal.

In addition to the four bedroom suites and living areas, there is a music space tucked into the hillside and a soundproof home theater. 

A guest house includes another bedroom and full bathroom. 

Chen told the Wall Street Journal that he is selling the home because his youngest son is heading off to college in the near future.

The home took nearly six years and roughly $15 million to build.