The 2017 Dolphin Award Honorees

Dolphin Awards line the table waiting to be handed out.

The following individuals are commended for their hard work and commitment to the Malibu community and will be honored at the Dolphin Awards Ceremony on March 3.

Sabrina Carey

A Malibu Youth Dolphin Award will be given to Sabrina Carey, a high school senior and longtime member of the Malibu Boys & Girls Club. Carey leads the club’s Torch Club, creating care packages for homeless individuals. After losing her family home to a fire while a student at Our Lady of Malibu School, Carey said she gained an understanding of and compassion for homeless individuals and continues to work hard to better the lives of those without homes.

The Reverend William Kerze

As the pastor of Our Lady of Malibu for the past 23 years, Father Bill Kerze has presided over countless baptisms, weddings and funerals. Leading by example, Fr. Bill has inspired his flock to advocate for the homeless, volunteer, become involved in civic issues and create unity among other religious denominations in town. 

Lou La Monte

Former mayor and longtime city council member Lou La Monte earns a Dolphin Award this year for his commitment to community and leadership over many years. La Monte became involved in the Homeowners Association for his Big Rock neighborhood around 2002, before becoming a public works commissioner. He then ran for city council and won in 2010. Since his time on council began, he has become an advocate fighting against the “hospitalization” of Malibu’s neighborhoods from rehab facilities.

Dylan Friedman Almond

Advocates for the homeless in Malibu—and many members of Malibu’s homeless community—know of Dylan Friedman Almond, thanks to her many years volunteering on Thanksgiving. At only 10 years old, Almond has been making trail mix for homeless people to take home from the Malibu Community Thanksgiving Dinner for six years now, and this year prepared 300 bags. Her ideas are now beginning to spread thanks to a website she created.

Catherine Malcolm Brickman and Suzanne Keith Zimmer

Malibu would be without one of its premier cultural events—the annual Concert on the Bluffs—were it not for the efforts of Artistic Director Catherine Malcolm Brickman and Executive Producer Suzanne Keith Zimmer. Brickman, current chair of the Cultural Arts Commission, and Zimmer, a former chair and founding member, are the women behind the massive artistic undertaking, a favorite in the Malibu community since it began in 2016.

Sky Stipanowich

Volunteer, fundraiser, arts enthusiast and pillar of the community, Sky Stipanowich earns a Dolphin Award this year for her tireless efforts in the St. Aidan’s community and across Malibu. Stipanowich is known as a key organizer of the St. Aidan’s Wine Festival, a co-chair of the Harvest of Hope fundraiser and a volunteer helping the homeless community. In addition, Stipanowich is a lay minister at the church, a reliable member of the Malibu Tennis Club and a board member of “Songfest” at the Colburn School in LA.

Bianca Torrence

A co-founder of Malibu CART (Community Assistance Resource Team), Realtor Bianca Torrence lends her time and talents toward bettering the lives of those around her, organizing the annual Malibu homeless count. A volunteer with the Malibu Association of Realtors’ Education Committee, Torrence is also actively involved as president of the Malibu Rotary Club. She is also active in her home country of Peru, continuing the volunteer work started by her late son, Olympian David Torrence. 

Susan Tellem & Marshall Thompson

Malibu community members and founders of American Tortoise Rescue Susan Tellem and Marshall Thompson have been saving and rehabilitating turtles and tortoises since 1990, moving the rescue to Malibu in 1996. They now have more than 100 rescued turtles and tortoises roaming their Malibu property, and in 2000 founded World Turtle Day, a global event raising money and awareness for turtle rescues.

Malibu Firefighters

The professionalism, rapid response and selflessness of Malibu’s firefighters make them obvious candidates for this year’s Malibu Dolphin Awards. Not only do Malibu’s firefighters work tirelessly to protect our community—including this season, working against some of the toughest conditions firefighters can face—but they also travel to other fires across the state to protect lives and homes elsewhere, making them true heroes. 

Laura Zahn Rosenthal

Laura Zahn Rosenthal, a 2001 Dolphin Award honoree, steps down from public office after years of service to Malibu. Rosenthal will be honored with a certificate at the 2017 Dolphin Awards Ceremony.