Dolphin Award nominations sought


Nominations are being sought for the annual Malibu Times Citizens of the Year Dolphin Awards.

The purpose of the Dolphin Awards program is to recognize outstanding efforts of individual Malibu citizens and, by acknowledging and publicizing their contributions, inspire others.

Readers are invited to submit nominees worthy of being considered for a Dolphin Award, individuals who have made outstanding contributions to improving one or more aspects of Malibu’s community life.

Dolphins are a very diverse group. Some Dolphins may have many years of achievement; others have only recently found an important way to serve. Some have been involved in multiple activities; others have focused on one or two. Some are business professionals, politicians or educators, while still others are retirees, retailers, restaurateurs, homemakers or students. Their interests are as diverse as they are and range from environmental protection to wildlife rescue to education, literacy, the arts, health and safety, teen programs … the list goes on and on.

To submit a nominee, write at least one page describing your nominee’s contribution and why you think that person should be considered.

Please include enough information (several paragraphs at least) for the editorial/publishers board to be able to make an informed decision (check the list for those already named as Dolphins). The deadline is Jan. 29. Be sure to include his/her contact information. Mail or e-mail to; 3864 Las Flores Canyon Rd., Malibu, CA 90265.

Dolphin Winners 1990-2010


Caggiano, Mike

Keller, Walt

Merrick, Judge John

Sheridan, Monsignor John

Van Horn, Carolyn

Wan, Larry & Sara

Zeitsoff, Missy

Mauro, Capt. Don

Cairns, Pat

Edmiston, Joe

Harris, Dr. Jeff

Reynolds, Dr. Susan

Vogler, Maggie


Bloomfield, Ron

Fulton, Ann

Hope, Bob

Jennings, Jeff

Pepperdine Volunteers

Radefield, Paul

Russell, Sandy

Templeman, Reeves & Reta


Banducci, Sandi

Baskin, Harvey

Bateman, Dr. Scott

Benatar, Pat

Blackwood, Mary Lou

Chesterfield, Richard

Crummer, Roy

Demby, Beryl

Frampton, Mary

Keller, Lucile

L.A. Co. Lifeguards

L.A. Co. Fire

L.A. Co. Sheriffs

Weisman, Fred R.

Wolpert, Russ


Barrett, Diane

Brosnan, Pierce

Cooper, Marty

Goldman, Ron

Kouba, Matt

Lemond, Rob

Schlossberg, Carl

Shapiro, Renny

Taki, Beverly

Worth, Rev. David

York, Arnold & Karen


Cameron, Barbara

Charlie Brown’s Malibu Sea Lion

D’Angelo, Maria

Dobyns, Tom

Friends of the Malibu Library

Hove, Faye

Kamath, Mary Kaye

Moore, Lt. Mike

Ryan, Pat

Wagner, Wende


Willson, Shirley

Pierson, Lt. Jim

Spanier, Howard

O’Brien, Doug

Kennedy, Ben

Drobnick, Lou

Hays, Gretchen

Herson, Rabbi Benjamin

Kilday, Ruth Taylor

Loo, Mona


Fakehany, Tom

Foster, David

Jarvis, JoAnna

Kramer, Jeff

Matthews, Mike

Payne, Anne

Stevens, Agnes

Konheim, Lyn & Perenchio, John


Cott, Phil

Glass, Betty

Grisanti, Sara

Yarnell, Kathryn

O’Connor, Terry

Soloway, Natalie

Dmytryk, Rebecca

Marowitz, Charles

Coatsworth, Honey

Ford, Lee

Hayes, Ronn

Peacock, Rev. Larry


Baldwin, Diane

Ball, Mark

Harlow, John

Maginnis, Jeanette

Stotsenberg, Ed & Dorothy

Sunderland, Maud-Ann

Stern, Laure

Spooner, Paul

Swerman, Jannis

Goldschneider, Alan


Barsocchini, Barbara

Curtis, Lisa & Bill

Hammond, Beverly

Himmelfarb, Doug

Ravaglioli, Steven & Lockrem, Bonnie

Reynolds, Kristin

Schultz, Jack

Winger, Nidra

Zakian, Michael


Barovsky, Harry

Brown, Leland, Fire Capt.

Estill, Wayne & Beverly

Fogg, Jo

Hoffman, Ann

Roney, Deirdre

Sills, Laureen

Malibu Association of Contractors


Armstrong, Bill & Virginia

Cornucopia Farms

Cox, Shelley

Hart, Robert (Bob)

Hasse, Tom

Meckler, Zane

Zahn Rosenthal, Laura

Stoker, Dermot

Yorkin, Peg


Emerson, Allen, Arson Watch

Baylin, Sherman

Furguson, Ann

Katz, David, Malibu Film Festival

Legaspi III, David

Matlow, Marlene

Silna, Ozzie

Volunteers/Docents-Adamson House / Lagoon Museum


Dillon, Carol

Eisenberg, Helene

Greenwood, Pat

Lawrence, Lilly

Malibu Kiwanis Club

Robinson, Scott

St. John’s Hospital

Seymour, Jane

Wisnicki, Kathy


Bridgeman, Jacqueline

Davis, Rich

House, Joan

Johnson, Lea and Leon

Leoni, Téa

Randall, Carol

Walraven, Wes

Malecha-Bricklin Family


DeJoria, John Paul and Eloise Gabbard, Kay

Giese, Jo

Latta, Shari

Lyons, David and Tallal, Scott

Malibu Legacy Park Project

Solis, Dede

Soboroff, Steve, Richard Green and Michael Koss


Anthony, Peter and Elizabeth, & La Gorce Kramer, Deborah

Bowen, Candace

Brosnan Shaye, Keely

Kim, Chi

Kmiec, Carol & Duke Mitze, Marnie

Klein, Bob

Linke, Cindy

Reiss, Bonnie

Shraibati, Tarek


Devin, Judi

Duff, Susie

Greene, Francine

Haines, Matt

Kearsley, Ken

KNX 1070 Radio News Team

Landworth, Aaron

Optimist Club of Malibu

Ravaglioli, Raquel

First Responders


Deutch-Adler, Alexis

Caraway, Debrah

Cortazzo, Chris

Drescher, Fran

Friedman, Jonathan

Gray, Rebecca

Newman, Maria and Scott Hosfeld

Kagan, David


Barovsky, Sharon

Buxie, Ann

Cooper, Leon

Posey, Erica

Ludwig, Cindy

Merriman, Ron

Stern, Andy

Zambetti, John


Bass, Shelby

Baghdasarian, Zare and Seda

Bergen, Rod

Cole, Steve and Debra

Van Dyke, Dick

Miehle, Violet

Petretti, Justine

Ross, Robyn

Singer, Ray