Malibu Seen: Welcome, 2019. So Long, 2019. What’s next?

Cher survived the fire and prepares for a hectic 2019. 

I know I am going out on a limb, and I really don’t mean to be grim. But between deaths, floods and fires, 2018 is a year from which we tire. Just think what’s happened over the last year or so. Anthony Bourdain, we saw him go. Others like Aretha, the Bushes and gossip guru Mike Walker joined him in heaven this year. But their iconic tunes and words we will always hear.

There was burly Burt and a stylish Spade who joined them, too. They gave us information and inspiration aplenty but in any case, thanks for the memory.

Three fires and 23 years in Malibu made Malibu Seen sad, but 2018 also had reasons to be glad.

At the Kennedy Center, longtime local diva Cher got her due. With Reba McIntyre, other superstars were there too. But Cher’s tribute was special with ovation and cheers. Her rendition of “Do you Believe?” left her in tears.

Another local legend got accolades, too. Dick Van Dyke appeared in a remake of “Mary Poppins” take two.

There were royal weddings and babies galore—we can only hope that more good tidings are in store.

Malibu’s Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta celebrated the 40th anniversary of “Grease.” Paul Simon also shared four decades of soothing songs of peace.

Malibu opera lovers Marc and Eva Stern marked their grand passion. They raised big bucks by putting on a $1 million bash on.

The same can be said of our LA Phil. Gusatvo Dudamel and Chris Martin delivered like few others will.

Politics is expected to stay in a tizzy; with so much turmoil, it will make you dizzy. Don’t be surprised by more workplace sins; as for the fires, the real work begins.

So good riddance to 2018, and don’t get me wrong. There were touching examples of #MalibuStrong!

While first responders tackled heavy labor, there were hundreds of examples of neighbor helping neighbor. In 2019, we’ll see if I get any of my holiday dreams come true. It’s the way it should be for me and for you.

One: Step in and get serious about melting ice, wild fires and bizarre storming. Don’t let the polar bears starve. Stop global warming.

Two: Stop the mayhem and needless deaths on our highway. Keep your family safe by doing it my way. Super excessive speeding won’t keep people alive; remember, the speed limit is 45.

Three: The last of my 2019 wishes?—limit your use of plastic and save the fishes.

To all my friends and neighbors on the west side, Seen sends its blessings, but future months are sure to keep us guessing.

Finally, to you and all whom you hold dear, here’s to health, joy and a safe new year.