Planning Commission selects new chair

Commissioner Les Moss

The commission during last week’s meeting also refused to approve an application for a project it determined was too large.

By Jonathan Friedman/ Assistant Editor

The Planning Commission named Commissioner Les Moss as its new leader at its July 5 meeting. Moss, who previously held the title of vice chair, will serve as commission chair for one year. Commissioner Carol Randall was selected to replace Moss as vice chair. She will also serve a one-year term.

Moss has been on the commission continuously since January 2004 as an appointee of Mayor Pro Tem Ken Kearsley. He replaced Richard Carrigan, who resigned in protest of the firings of commissioners Deirdre Roney and Robert Adler. Moss previously served on the commission from 1995 to 1996 as an appointee of former City Councilmember Carolyn Van Horn, at one point holding the title of vice chair. He resigned due to political differences with Van Horn.

Randall has been on the commission since April 2004 as an appointee of Councilmember Jeff Jennings. She also serves on the Public Safety Commission. Randall is a traffic safety advocate who has been outspoken about increasing fines for speeding on Pacific Coast Highway.

The July 5 meeting was also noteworthy because the commission did not approve all the items presented to it, a rare occurrence with this commission. An application for a two-story, 8,395-square-foot home with a 4,249-square-foot basement on Carbon Canyon Road was sent back to the Planning Department for adjustments. All the commissioners had several problems with the project, including an opinion that it was too large. Randall said she was especially troubled by a proposed 4,015-square-foot second story.

“I really find this house much larger than anything else in this neighborhood,” Randall said. “I really don’t feel that it fits in with the neighborhood character. I think it will stand out like a sore thumb.”

Architect Jose Iujvidin said he was willing to work with the Planning Department on a new design for a smaller project. He said he would also try to satisfy a neighbor who said the project would block her view.

Also at the meeting, the commission approved a coastal development permit application for a one-story, 4,705-square-foot home on Zumirez Drive. A 1,375-square-foot second unit will also be built on the property. The project requires the demolition of an existing home.

The commission also approved another application for a home on Zumirez Drive. This project calls for a two-story, 4,883-square-foot home with a 1,125-square-foot garage and a 750-square-foot guesthouse. This project also requires the demolition of an existing home.

Additionally, the commission approved the application for a 1,042-square-foot addition to a home on Malibu Colony Drive.

The commission meets again on July 25.