Malibu musicians perform


Malibu musician David Lamont presented a recital of his piano, flute, saxophone and clarinet students June 1 at Malibu United Methodist Church, where they played a variety of music such as classical, jazz and folk songs. Pictured, music students (first row) Caueh Carter, Koady Murphy, Cody Paquette, Patrick Mickens, Tommy Warden, Scarlett Ramos, Liam Fox, Nyah Gruber, (second row) Katlyn Murphy, Theo Detweiler, Jonah Fox, Luke Mickens, Max Mellberg, Alana Beckworth, Jada Lee, Giselle Halualani, (third row) David Lamont, Olivia Thonson, Maddie White, Bruno Nispel, Ian Lamont and Jack Suelter-Cohen.