Upcoming Deadlines for SMMUSD Inter/Intradistrict Permitting


The deadline to apply for the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District intradistrict permitting is fast approaching next week: April 30.

This permit, which allows a student to apply for a SMMUSD school other than their school of residence, is applicable to any families residing within district boundaries. Completed applications must be submitted to the district Student Services Department no later than next Thursday, April 30. The school district did not immediately respond to a Malibu

Times inquiry about a possible extension on the permitting application, given COVID-19 concerns.

The approval is based on enrollment numbers and availability.

Students who are currently enrolled in SMMUSD with an intradistrict permit need not reapply. The school they attend on that permit  “shall be regarded as the home school of that family, and all siblings in the family may attend that school,” per information from the district.

The deadline for interdistrict permitting is June 30.

Interdistrict permitting allows students who reside outside of district boundaries to attend SMMUSD schools. Like intradistrict permits, approval is based on availability and is granted based on priority. Priority categories include:

1. Children of SMMUSD employees 

2. Siblings of current interdistrict permit holders

3. Children of City of Malibu or Santa Monica employees

4. Children of an individual working within district boundaries

5. Children of a Santa Monica, Malibu or Olympic high schools alumnus

6. Grandchildren of an individual who has lived within district boundaries for at least five years

7. Students in “good standing” who have attended a SMMUSD school for a minimum of three years, but no longer lives within district boundaries

Another category, which considers students who do not meet these criteria, is applicable to Malibu schools only.

Families are asked to enroll their child in their home school of residence while they wait for a decision from the district. 

Interdistrict permit holders do not need to reapply; however, current permit holders must submit a verification of continuing enrollment form annually in addition to following “standards of behavior, attendance and academic effort.” Students who fall under categories one, three or four are required to submit the form.

Students looking to attend a school outside of district boundaries can apply for an outgoing permit.

For more information, or to find the specific application, visit smmusd.org/Page/3879.

Earlier this year, the SMMUSD Board of Education was exploring the option of freezing permitting categories as a possible way to save money. Malibu educators and families have expressed concern that, while Santa Monica schools maintain a larger, more diverse student body due to the surrounding community, Malibu schools remain smaller and much more homogenous. 

The permits are still available at the webpage linked above, though the board has yet to vote on the future of permitting.