No ‘dam’ good


Rindge Dam should be removed. I feel the following, which was touched upon by Joe Edmiston, should be emphasized to Malibu residents. The sediment that is restricted by the dam is part of a natural process of beach replenishment. The quality of the famous surf break at Surfrider is to a great degree a result of silt deposited by the stream. River mouths are well known for being potentially good surf spots. The positive financial impact of Surfrider as a tourist and surfing destination over the decades most likely dwarfs the expense of dam removal. This should be paid heed to.

To call the dam of historic value is too ironic for us to play heed to. It is not only unsightly but serves no known positive purpose. We all honor interesting aspects of a region’s heritage but there are exceptions. Not everything in from the past is “good.” Bottom line: Its removal would provide a positive function for more than just Steelhead.

Albeit slowly, the Matilija Dam on the Ventura River drainage is scheduled to come down for almost identical reasons. See for an insightful log of this similar issue.

Good luck, Malibu. Good luck, surfers. Good luck, Steelhead!

Bernard Yin