County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl to meet with Malibu Residents

Sheila Kuehl

          Malibu residents may be wondering why the Coastal Commission will be conducting a permit hearing on a proposed 160-room Encinal Canyon hotel and recreation resort development only three months after the L.A. County Board of Supervisors passed a strong Local Coastal Program to prevent over development of the Santa Monica Mountains.


            Third District Supervisor Sheila Kuehl will present information on that development, which is set to include high-end sports complex, on Sunday, Feb. 15, and discuss whether the plan can or should be modified, and, if so, what Malibu residents can do.

             Residents are invited to meet Kuehl at 11 a.m., Sunday, Feb. 15, when she attends the Malibu Democratic Club’s 2015 Annual Meeting at City Hall.   She also will discuss some of the issues the supervisors will be considering this year, especially ones that will have the most bearing on Malibu.  And she will detail how Malibu residents can best get their needs met by the County.            

            “We’re so happy Sheila is coming to Malibu,” said Ann Doneen, president of the Malibu Democratic Club.  “Malibu’s natural beauty offers a refuge for endangered animals and a respite for people.  Although our population represents less than one percent of the 2 million people in her district, our environmental assets are tremendously important to the entire County.  For Malibu to thrive — so that everyone can enjoy it — we need to protect the qualities that make it special.  Sheila understands how important this is, so this is a good opportunity to tell her your concerns.”

           Among the questions Kuehl is expected receive from community residents will be concerns about 70-foot radio towers set to be erected at all L.A. County Fire Stations.  Residents of Malibu Colony are particularly concerned about the close proximity of the Malibu Road Fire Station tower to their residences and fear that the tower emissions may increase the rate of cancer among residents of nearby homes.

           The Malibu Democratic Club program will additionally include Los Angeles County Chairman Eric Bauman, who will discuss the importance of volunteerism and the role each person plays in electing top Democratic leaders.

            The free event will feature a casual, pot-luck-style lunch table.  Parking is free and there is no cost for admission.  The club will ask for an optional $15 donation to defray the city’s facility-use fee.  RSVPs are encouraged at