Canyon death an irony


Many Corral Canyon residents are in shock this week, myself included, as one of our dear neighbors was struck and killed in front of my house by a car leaving a rehab business located at the top of our quiet canyon.

Ted Beason, a 44-year old enthusiastic local contractor, surfer, fisherman and dear friend to many, has suffered the misfortunes of his house burning to the ground twice within several years but had persevered with amazing strength and a deep seated love of his beloved Corral Canyon. However, his fire was extinguished when he was struck and killed instantly upon impact by a car of an employee of the new rehab up the street.

Ted was house sitting for me and two days before I left town we were standing in my driveway talking about details when two luxury sport cars came ripping down the street, well above the speed limit. We both flagged our arms and yelled in an attempt to slow them down. Again in vain! We both discussed putting in speed bumps and putting up signs to protect our kids, pets and pedestrians.

Two days later, a horrible irony revealed itself in a tragedy. Ted had prophesied to me that some someone would die from one of these nonresidents not paying attention to the speed limit or not paying attention to our curvy canyon. He was the one killed.

Since the rehab has been established, the amount of speeders has increased. Many of the employees and family members who visit the patients rush back and forth with no sensitivity to the rural nature of our quiet narrow streets nor the danger they pose to our community!

I have heard that our neighborhood is not the only one impacted by the rehab profiteers creeping into Malibu’s neighborhoods. Why they are allowed to get permits is beyond me. Are there others out there who are annoyed by this or is it just me? How many more incidents will there need to be?

Ted Beason was loved by many and his positive, loving nature will be missed by many.

Steve Woods