Supermodel Cindy Crawford and husband Rande Gerber attend a fundraiser for the Fulfillment Fund.


    Who are you?

    Well, you just know when legendary rocker Roger Daltry is taking the stage to provide the evening’s entertainment, a who’s who of Hollywood is going to turn out-and they did. Famous faces could be seen for miles and miles as the Fulfillment Fund threw its 25th Anniversary benefit bash at Fox Studios.

    Fox News Corp. CEO Peter Chernin and wife Megan were among this year’s honorees, and you better, you better, you bet they are big Who fans.

    “We’ve seen them twice this year,” beamed Megan with the excitement of a high school sophomore. “Twice,” Peter assured me. His favorite Who hit? “Can’t Explain.” Hers? “The Kids Are Alright.”

    Speaking of kids, that was what the evening was really about. For a quarter of a century, the Fulfillment Fund has provided valuable scholarship and mentoring programs for thousands of children.

    “It’s really gratifying to have an organization like this that does such a tremendous amount for kids,” Chernin observed. “It really says a lot about Los Angeles.”

    As the Chernins and Uber Boss Rupert Murdoch posed for photos, American beauty Annette Benning and ever-youthful Warren Beatty made their way through the crowds. Cindy Crawford looked lovely in a silk bohemian patchwork and knee-high boots. Linda Thompson opted for basic black and a sophisticated up-do, while hubby, music mogul Dave Foster, picked a classic pinstripe.

    But back to the music… “You know that song, ‘My Generation’?” Foster inquired with a smile. “I didn’t produce that.”

    As the largely industry crowd swapped stories about options, credits and casting, they sipped colorful mango margaritas and devoured platters of steak tartare, smoked salmon, caviar and sturgeon, courtesy of Granita’s Wolfgang Puck. Soon they sauntered into the stage-turned-supper club, which was decked out with massive geometric wall hangings and awash in soft lavender and peach.

    Before rockin’ Roger hit the stage there was just enough time to squeeze in a little business. The live auction had a slew of high-end must-haves, including a private tennis lesson from No. 1-ranked Serena Williams. Included in the package was a sure-fire way to dazzle the competition, or at least blind them: The lesson came complete with a glittering Harry Winston diamond tennis bracelet.

    Following the auction, Daltry was ready to join together with the band. His impressive set kicked off with the rock anthem “Baba O’Reiley” and wrapped up with “See Me, Feel Me,” backed by the soulful First A.M.E. Church Choir. Lordy!

    The evening raised an eye-popping $3.5 million for the Fulfillment Fund and its various outreach and education programs. More than a few folks in this crowd know how valuable those kinds of programs can be.

    “It’s so important,” Forrest Whitaker said. “Believe me, if I hadn’t had a mentor, I wouldn’t be where I am today.”