Letter: Field lights distorting the view


The weather was crystal clear and the ocean was sparkling when the poles went up. The 70-foot poles are right at the horizon. Your thoughts change from the beauty of the sea and sky to a stadium event somewhere in Los Angeles. 

I have not seen lights of this magnitude anywhere in a community, but I have seen them off the freeways, commercial areas and out of view of residents. I have been in Malibu Park for 35 years when we did not have a high school. The elementary and middle school were designed as community schools and blended into the environment. 

People’s homes are built up against the school. Residents came here to enjoy quiet, views and a lifestyle, just like everyone did throughout Malibu. These lights are not appropriate for any residential area of Malibu, therefore the people who are not impacted (nor should they ever be subjected to anything of this nature) should truthfully think about how they would feel to have this happen to them. 

What security protection is in place for the community when you have masses of people attending an event to 11 p.m.? Congestion, fires, rivalry can impact the safety of a community. We are not just talking about a few people. Impacted by these lights are Merritt, Busch, Harvester, Clover Heights, Cuthbert, Horizon Hills. 

We had a full moon over the weekend. This is a time you see the reflection of the water from your window. Instead we see a backlash of light. 

Linda Gould