Van Horn responds


    Dear Sherman:

    It was with great surprise and puzzlement I read your letter of resignation from the Mobilehome Rent Stabilization Commission.

    There is great confusion of facts in your letter, Sherman. Weeks ago I mentioned to you several people, some who live in the parks, had expressed concern that perhaps now, with your mother living in one of the parks, you possibly had a conflict of interest.

    Since I am in your store almost daily buying dog and chicken feed or my son is getting our two dogs bathed, I mentioned this question to you, suggesting you ask our, your, city attorney for his opinion.

    Last week, I was again in your place and you asked me if I had found out anything. I said I would go home, call the attorney and call you back, which I did. I gave you his phone number and suggested you call and talk to him and make up your own mind.

    You told me later that you did and decided to stay on the commission.

    At no time, Sherman, was anything said regarding your supporting or not supporting me in re-election, it never came up! It still hasn’t come up between you and me except in that letter.

    But still, a commissioner asking a staff person, a city attorney, for his opinion on questions raised by the citizens who are concerned over possible future Rent Stabilization law suits, is part of the duty of being a commissioner.

    As a councilperson, I have at least twice recused myself from voting on agenda items where I could possibly be conceived of having a conflict of interest.

    I hope, Sherman, you will reconsider your decision. You are without question, a giving, dedicated citizen of this community and we all thank you for your incredible hard work.

    Carolyn Van Horn