What a senior wants! What a senior needs!


Editor’s note: The following letter was read aloud at Monday night’s City Council meeting

I am just another retiree who does not like to disagree unless things are not free.

You paid $25 million for the Chili Cook-Off and talk about a mysterious Crummer trade-off, then you tell me I’m financially better off.

What a senior wants is a local Sheriff’s station; it’s Lee Baca’s best recommendation. So please proceed without procrastination.

What a senior needs is a local hospital or home for the old. Please help me come in from the cold. Be nice, be bold and let my story be told.

How about a local assisted living as a present from you to me on Thanksgiving? That would make me very forgiving.

As for the Trancas ballpark on more than 28 acres, it’s free to us but worth some $35 million shakers, so why not be thankers and takers.

What do you have to lose for accepting the Trancas ballparks? They’re free with no parcel restrictions or trademarks; this will add to your previous hallmarks.

Do the right thing like Robin Hood, after all we do live in Hollywood. Anything that is free is very good.

Finally, please do not pay for more open space with my taxes. Malibu has enough ocean where everyone relaxes. Otherwise beware of my angry faxes.

K. Jeffrey Asfour