Plea for civil civic election


    My, how time flies. It seems like only yesterday that we had our last election for City Council, only yesterday that those good citizens who were absent from grammar school the day politeness and civility were taught, wrote letters to the editor that crossed the line of good taste in order to explore the troubled waters of misrepresentation, character assassination, innuendo and, at times, calumny.

    Citizens of Malibu are interested in all points of view, if they stay within the bounds of common courtesy and decency. Shrill attacks on election personalities, unproven, even outlandish claims of malfeasance in office, attempts to equate “slow growth” or “pro growth” with nefarious hidden agendas, the general trashing of those with whom we disagree are manifestations of dirty politics, not good citizenship. Is this what we want to teach our children?

    My hat’s off to those hardy souls who are consciously willing to brave this election gauntlet of unwarranted vilification for the chance to help our community move forward in an equitable, responsible, fiscally conservative, ecologically sound manner into the 21st century.

    Thank goodness, they are not clones but strong individuals, often with differing points of view on current issues, but wise enough to know how to build a communitywide, viable, working consensus that will promote good government in Malibu for years to come.

    Let us support our choice for City Council by recounting their specific proposals, attributes and previous community contributions without resorting to the ugly spectacle of dirty campaigning that has marred Malibu elections in the past.

    Ray Singer