Malibusiness: Arlo Jenson, Junk Removal Company

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During the coronavirus lockdown, there has been an uptick in home renovating and decluttering. Arlo Jenson, 22, Junk Removal Company owner, specializes in appliances, furniture and yard waste.

Locally owned and operated in Malibu, Jenson started his business just last year and has provided junk removal and clean-up service to many Malibu locals at an affordable price.

“Furniture, appliances, trash, pretty much anything,” Jenson said when asked what Junk Removal Company will pick up. “We pretty much take any junk besides hazardous waste.”

Based in Malibu, Junk Removal Company will remove rubbish, trash and, yes, junk, from anywhere on your property and give the area a thorough sweep.

“We go to the Valley, up to Ventura and down to Santa Monica,” Jenson said.

With so much free time, the pandemic has inspired many to organize, declutter and start fresh. Jenson said his business has been doing well seeing that people stay home and work on projects that included junk removal, and it’s never too late to start.

Junk Removal Company ensures a clean sweep in a timely manner. 

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