Deserves to get bumped


    Over the past several years I have tried in vain to curb the speeding that plagues Point Dume. During 1998 myself and several other neighbors from Dume Drive and Fernhill Drive walked the streets with a petition to install speed tables (3 inches high by 22 feet wide) on both streets. The petitions stipulated that the residents of the streets pay for the cost of installation. We were able to get signatures from 25 homes on Fernhill and 62 signatures on Dume Drive. This was a clear majority of the homeowners. When we went before the City Council that had authorized this petition we were turned down by a vote of 3-2. The deciding vote was by Tom Hasse.

    I have just learned of the many driving violations this man has incurred and I think back on him setting self-righteously on the final judgment of a perfectly sane solution to speeding on Point Dume. He said, at the time, that he had an ’88 Mustang and that he didn’t like the bumps at Hughes Market and he was not prepared to vote for the bumps. Little did we as citizens know that as of June of that year it appears that Hasse’s own driving license was suspended.

    With that flip remark, he had turned his back on the constituency that had elected him. Regrettably, I was one of his original supporters. To imagine the gall of this man with his secret, atrocious traffic record actually including himself in an important community decision on traffic control is simply beyond the beyond. For this act of deception and contempt alone he should resign from the City Council. I, for one, plan to revisit the City Council and request a new petition on speed tables to be voted on again. With the influx of more young families on the Point, I know we can get even more signatures today.

    Tom Hasse should have the decency to let the citizens of this town conduct matters of health and safety with elected officials that don’t play fast and loose with the vehicular law and basic integrity. He is simply not fit for office. He should resign or we should recall him.

    Bob Carmichael