Blog: Sex or Travel

Burt Ross

I often don’t believe what I hear or read. Call me a skeptic. I can live with that. I recently read that a survey taken by Trivago (whoever they are) found that 38% of Americans say they would be willing to give up sex for a year if they could take a trip. I don’t think so! 

I looked up “Trivago” and sure enough it is a travel related company-no surprise there. They would like to think that travel trumps sex every time, but if their business is relying on this bogus thinking, they might well be in for a bitter disappointment. Nothing trumps sex, and that is exactly why the world’s population exceeds 7 billion people, and it is climbing.

I am rather curious as to who actually was surveyed. If, for instance, they surveyed people serving time in solitary confinement, or eunuchs, or some centenarians in a nursing home, then I guess those folks might well be willing to give up something they do not already have in order to break free and see the Eiffel Tower.

For the rest of us, I seriously question the conclusion by the people at Trivago. My guess is that if the exact same survey were given by the folks at Pornhub, the results might well be quite different. Of course, that is merely a surmise based on just about the same amount of science behind the Trivago survey—namely, none.

I must confess I am a bit curious as to what kind of trip Trivago had in mind. If we are willing to forsake sex for a year (perish the thought), they need to offer more than a three day vacation to Universal Studios.

Of course, in real life we are fortunately not faced with a binary choice between sex and travel. On the contrary, often people who travel enjoy more frequent and better sex. (I am just imagining this. I have heard it told on the grapevine.)

By the way, this same survey by Trivago concluded that half the people surveyed said they would give up their job to go somewhere else. Now that is something that smacks of the truth.